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Curriculum Vitae

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Virginia Tech Honors College | B.A. Public and Urban Affairs | Aug 16 - May 19

Piedmont Virginia Community College | Attended for senior year of high school

Work Experience

Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development | Project Coordinator (2019-Present)

  • Provides coordination, administrative, and research support for projects in the Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development. Organizes and schedules meetings and communications with contacts, monitors and assesses project solicitations and funding opportunities, and initiates and assists in proposal development. 

  • Research assistance responsibilities include research and analytical support for projects including project-specific logistical and data support such as collecting and analyzing economic data and conducting literature reviews.

Decision Sciences for Resilient Communities | Researcher (2017-2018)

  • Paid undergraduate research through Virginia Tech.

  • Chosen to represent the department Urban Affairs and Planning, alongside two students from the

    departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Psychology, as well as collaboration

    with the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS).

  • Researched how institutional, behavioral, and informational barriers affect decision-making

    processes in land use policy and planning with the goal of developing more resilient and

    sustainable decisions and systems.

D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development | Intern (2017)

  • Intern in the Office of the Director, guidance under Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Danilo Pelletiere.

  • Project lead for the District’s comprehensive plan housing element amendment process; ensured District compliance with federal policies.

  • Conducted research on affordable housing policy within the District and across state lines.

  • Compiled summary reports on federal policy changes regarding HUD.

  • Personal project: Podcast on the Anacostia Arts Center delving into the impact of gentrification on local community arts initiatives.

Community Engagement & Projects

Beloved Community Podcast Series (2018-Present)

  • Received grant funding from Virginia Tech’s Honors College to create a three part series on Martin Luther King Jr’s “Beloved Community” concept for personal blog, Jane’s Theory, discussing social inequality, binary economic theory, and the importance of spirituality and ethics in community engagement.

  • Interviews: Dr. Virgil Wood in Houston, Texas, Dr. Ralph Hall in Blacksburg, Virginia, and Professor Harvey Cox in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Independent Studies (2016, 2017)

  • 2018– Mentor: Dr. Ralph Hall

    • Conducted economic research under the guidance of Dr. Hall, who has worked extensively with Robert Ashford, Professor of Law at Syracuse University, College of Law on developing further research on Binary Economic Theory.

    • Cultivated a well rounded critique on environmental concerns surrounding the Binary Economic structure.

  • 2017– Mentor: Dr. Todd Schenk

    • Studied urban theorists such as Jane Jacobs, William H. Whyte, and Paul Knox to better grasp the fundamental building blocks and history of planning and urban design.

    • Analyzed the impact of gentrification on urban design and policy.

    • Summarized findings in Jane’s Theory articles.

  • 2016– Independent

    • Completed a solo project in “Urban Public Issues” (UAP 1024) on community relations between

      Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg.

    • Met with Deputy Town Manager Steve Ross and Vice President of the Division of Student Affairs Frank Shushok to discuss current issues and shed light on the intersectionality of town-gown related issues.

Presidential Election Nonpartisan Voter Guide Cofounder | PVCC (2016)

  • Worked alongside fellow community college peers to create a nonpartisan voter guide for the 2016 presidential election, aimed to educate fellow students on candidates in a concise, approachable way.

Positive Action Conference Cofounder | PVCC (2016)

  • Worked alongside four peers to create a two day event centered around the sociopolitical empowerment of community college students through allowing them to have personal, one on one interactions with state and local officials.

Presentations & Awards

  • The Australian Sociological Association Conference: Sydney, Australia — Presenter (2019)

    • Accepted to present findings on Beloved Community research in relation to indigenous populations in Australia.

  • Philosophy of the City Conference: Detroit, Michigan – Presenter (2019)

    • Accepted to present findings on Beloved Community research.

  • Conscious Cities Festival: London, England – Attendee (2018)

    • Received full funding from Virginia Tech to attend.

  • Student Experiential Learning Conference (2018)

    • Presented alongside Decision Sciences research team on stormwater management findings.

  • Virginia Citizens Planning Association Scholarship Recipient (October 2018)

  • Virginia Tech Policy Strategic Growth Area Award (September 2018)

  • Virginia Tech Honors College Enrichment Grant Recipient (September 2018)

  • Virginia Tech Honors College Enrichment Grant Recipient (April 2018)

  • Virginia Citizens Planning Association Scholarship Recipient (2017)

  • Global Education Scholarship Recipient (2017)

  • SCOPE Gentrification Panelist (2017)

    • Invited to speak on the history of gentrification on an interdisciplinary panel for Virginia Tech’s department of Architecture’s SCOPE program

  • Virginia Commonwealth University Student Research Conference (2017)

    • Accepted to present on an original concept known as Urban Intersectionality that reflects upon history’s impact on socioeconomic urban theory and design over the past seventy years.